Technical Service In order enhance the quality of the wire mesh and machines, and upon customer request, FASIL controls its products using its service equipment.
Forming Screens
  1. - Drainage analysis
  2. - Analysis of the mass concentration
  3. - Analysis of the solid matter loss
  4. - Tension analysis
  5. - Wire mesh wear analysis
Dryer Screens
  1. - Paper temperature analysis
  2. - Cylinder temperature analysis
  3. - Pocket temperature analysis
  4. - Air humidity analysis
  5. - Tension analysis
  6. - Air permeability with wire mesh

FASIL A.D. ensures the highest quality standard through our expertise, use of the newest generation measuring instruments and modern equipment in the production and laboratory for mechanical and chemical testing.

  1. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for:
  2. – hardness testing of non-ferrous metal and steel
  3. - testing the chemical composition of the material
  4. - testing the wire cloth stability
  5. - mechanical testing of the wires and wire cloth
  6. - mechanical testing of the wire cloth seams
  7. - Air permeability control Quantum meter Wire mesh strength and stability testing
Mechanical testing laboratory
Wire mesh strength and stability testing

Upon customer request, an attestation can be issued for chemical composition and/or technical characteristics for our products. The best quality indicator of our products are our customers from the European Union and Russia.

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