FASIL AD By constantly investing in the technological development through education and training, we are constantly enhancing the product quality.
About us

The Woven Wire Cloth and Bearing Company - FASIL A.D was established in 1965 as a factory for manufacturing metal wire cloth for the cellulose and paper industry. In the last 50 years we followed the principle that every objective can be realized and this has resulted in the expansion of our business.

Today Fasil A.D. is a factory which manufactures woven wire cloth or wire mesh for the paper and cellulose industry. It also produces filters, filtration cloths, slide bearings and heat exchangers.

Thanks to its references, FASIL A.D. has continued with its successful business and has been permanently increasing its work volumes on the domestic and foreign markets.

Its orientation toward the European market has a strong incentive for development, advancement and rationality as a basis for high product quality.

The implemented quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental protection system ISO 14001 is a clear orientation towards the factory's further development.


FASIL'a operating system is based on a business policy and strategy which encourages and inspires its employees, stockholders and stakeholders.

FASIL's business policy is based on the following:

  1. - continuous development, modernization of technology and equipment, implementation of new products and increasing theи
      physical volume of its production,
  2. - enhancing the organization process, products and services, honoring agreed deadlines and permanent quality improvement,
  3. - establishment of adequate processes and product servicing for the purpose of increasing employee benefits,
  4. - improvement of the business system effectiveness and efficiency,
  5. - permanent development of partnership relations with our associates and suppliers,
  6. - environmental protection.

The company strategic orientation and development are:

  • - product quality,
  • - creating an image of FASIL,
  • - maintaining a market leadership,
  • - operational quality of all the business functions,
  • - enhancing placement on the foreign market.

Due to constant investing into the staff potential, encouraging and supporting individual and teamwork, FASIL has created an image of an environment with a positive work atmosphere.


FASIL's final products are manufactured in compliance with requirements of the technical documentation within planned deadlines and quantities. FASIL sells its products on the domestic and foreign markets such as the European Union, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States etc. The current volume of foreign market sales ranges from 65 - 70% of our total sales.

The whole production process at FASIL is realized according to the following planned production and servicing procedures:

  • - work order management,
  • - follow up of production and service realization,
  • - product control and examination mode,
  • - Product packaging and storage.

The best indicators of the said are:

  • - quality reliability,
  • - optimum utilization of the production capacities,
  • - Export to the demanding and competitive foreign market.

The basic production program

Production capacities

Wire cloth or wire mesh for the paper and cellulose industry, 200.000 m2 of technical woven stock annually, 800 tons of bronze and sliding element castings per year, 120.000 pieces of fluid cleaning filters per year.


FASIL obtains its raw material in a timely manner and the material is of such quality to enable the realization of the given parameters for the final product with optimum costs.

Before it is used in the production, all procured raw material undergoes the quality and quantity entry control procedure. The quality admission is performed at the state of the art equipped laboratory for chemical and mechanical testing.

All raw material and products are stored in a proper and adequate manner in order to secure them from quality deterioration during the storage process.

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